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Stux Gallery
New York, Stati Uniti

03 Luglio 2011

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AL-GHAIB, Aesthetics of the disappearance, is an international show curated by Gaia Serena Simionati. From Sharjah, an Emirate par excellence focused on the development and creation of culture, the show moves to New York, land of acceptance, in Stux Gallery.
14 artists, both emerging and established, coming from 8 countries, (Azerbaijan, England, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, U.S.A) are invited to work with different media such as performances, videos, sculptures, installations, photography, paintings and drawings, mainly unseen.
Focusingonthethemeofthedisappearance,AL-GHAIB aimsatexploringintheartworks,the lack of the artist “Ego”.Inshort,whenthedisappearanceoftheES generatestherealintellectualandvisualvalueand‘theDivine’ appears. The Epiphany of God is then the main form of art.
One could say in this context western society is breaking down. The overall lack of spirituality, the decreasing of the accepted identity, the loss of both the physical certainty opposed to an easy sexuality, together with the losing of knowledge, of contact and respect between human beings and unfortunately towards the Planet Earth itself, create a general loss. The result is the sacrifice of love, sympathy and awareness.
These interwoven and different themes are the ones upon which the 14 International artists are called to reflect: on the evaporation of concepts, on the classical Aesthetics of the artistic Phenomenology (phainómenon “that which appears”; and lógos “study”), from a Greek word that studies what will appear.
Let’s see, then! La takhtafi.
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