The Nest Has Been Destroyed !

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Iran, Azad art Gallery

15th May - 25 August 2016

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El-faaDi yekhli lal-malyaan
Emptiness gives way to fullness.

Aniconic. Iconoclast. Vivid. Navid breaks!
Not only the symbols, the traditions, but also the preconceived views, typical of Middle Eastern stereotypes. Shifting images of Sassanid mould to Western deformation.
Navid Azimi Sajadi (1982) newly organizes old concepts, adding the gift of being able to oppose dictatorship. And doing so, he crowds out everything and everyone. Breaking out in is his ability.
Using miscellaneous media including: photography, sculpture, installations, painting,
drawing and writing in Farsi on paper, he revisits many of the symbols of ancient Persian culture as well as those recently broadcasted on the screens stained of blood of our television!
His subjects range from Gilgamesh, the lions fighter to Ishtar, goddess of sex and love.From cypress trees to the atomic bomb, esoteric riddle symbols to precious talismans,bearers of gifts to mankind until finally, green, a colour typical of the struggle against the government, is symbolized by the work Untitled Green (2010), where a map of Iran flaps down to the ground and with it, the collapse of dreams and hopes living inside it.
What the work conveys it is exactly mirroring Iran. One country - two souls; a shadow and then, an empty unfulfilled space.
He comes now with two outstanding digital works: first Nuclear Stardom 2010, a mosaic that gives the impression of a whole mosque but is in fact, each tessera is formed by a nuclear explosion - a confirmation of the link between religion and fear, which is spread all throughout Iran.
Second, F9: 171 overlapping and repeated images of the Iranian flag that result in an atomic explosion, on which the five - pointed star is interwoven forming a symbol not only of power, but also of fear and horror.
This consciousness is a gift: the will to help a country occupied with the strength of violence and where expression is considered impudence also runs the risk of imprisonment or exile. And death too. So close to life. A liaison, a bridge Navid has experienced in person. Without Iran kaleidoscopic backdrop of Sherazhade. Without Iran: the epicentre of the Thousand and One Nights.
Only the Sassanid Kingdom, an inexhaustible source of stories that ooze ancestral kings, knights and ladies, rich in gold, frankincense, myrrh, religion, bigotry and censorship. In short, enchanted stories that enchant! Or kill.
XY, (2009) develops a meditation about this very gift of life and death, where an explosion is inlaid into a Farsi star. An ancient feminine symbol is ravished by male violence, in this case an atomic cloud or a country risking rape. If it is true that in mixing this violent way of men with women chromosomes a new life is born, than the latter turns out crooked, mutant andsurely lacking Barakat.

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